Chapter 12 railOmniverse



railOmniverse is an extension to the NVIDIA Omniverse Environment[1] that makes available railroad simulation functionality from the Trend trax library. It needs Omniverse Kit v.105.0 or higher and supports Windows and Linux. We plan to release a public version (version 1.0.0.) early this year.

The general functionality the trax library provides is described in this book; an overview is given in the article 'The Trax Track Library'[2]


What's new?

2023-10-09: railOmniverse 0.11.0.

2023-10-16: Started development of trax library 2.0.

2023-11-27: Overview article about the trax library: 'The Trax Track Library'[2].

2023-12-13: Overview article about railOmniverse: 'railOmniverse'[3].

2024-01-17: NVIDIA Developer Technical Blog article: 'Simulating Railroads with OpenUSD'[17].


A good starting point for C++ development would be the 'Kit Extensions Templates for C++' [4][5]. Following the building guide, a Kit C++ SDK is downloaded. The C++ header files in this SDK are very well documented. A PhysX centered collection of samples can be found at [6].

The general documentation hub can be found under [7] and sample code is collected at [8]. Pixar maintains a resouces page for their USD format [9] with Pixar's USD C++ API to be found at [10]. Omniverse Carbonite SDK has a landing page at [11] with Carbonite SDK C++ API at [12]. Basic technical information about setting up an extension for Omniverse is at [13]. Also documentation installed on the hard drive can be found from the menu in the Kit application.


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